Saturday, April 11, 2009

LOOK! Race bikes

Last week Dad let me help build his new race bike, since he let me help with the build, I'm letting him post pictures here today.. One bike is for racing with people over hills and around corners(pic 1) and one is for drag racing by yourself(pic 2).

Dad will be using them both today and then doing another stage tomorrow, hopefully his bikes are fast cause we want him to get some Diaper Money.

By the way, I learned to clap yesterday.. stay tuned for the video.. it's sure to make you coo.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Shriner? or Whiner

Well grama is long gone now, Winnie was sleeping with her every night and now he wakes each morning and runs to find her, he looks for her everywhere but she's not in the clean laundry(pic 1)

Dad seems to think that I might want to be a Shriner, you can see that's not my bag.(pic 2)

Dad is racing all weekend, luckily the race is close but MOm is under the weather, so I might try to act a fool and really wear her down.. that is my bag.... baby

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Little Gym/ Grama goes bye bye

We dropped Grama off at the airport yesterday, back to the East for her. It was nice having her around and now I'm kinda grumpy cause I'm not getting all the attention i want.

As promised, I will now recount my Little Gym adventure. I do Little Gym every tuesday, MOm usually goes with me but on this day Dad and Grama came along as well.

We sing songs and play silly games that help to build my motor skills and social skills.. the lady who runs the class is real nice but is probably a little nuts from talking baby talk all day.

everything is little at the Little Gym, little parallel bars, little bouncy balls and little toilets(pic 7)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Blog Jam, catching up on adventures

I've been having lots of fun and adventures with grama in town, but sunday MOm tried to reset the modem with a metal poki thing and fried it, so now I'm finally able to post my adventures.

So where do I start? Sunday we went for a family cycle, MOm and grama rode trikes, I of course choose the Chariot(pic 1-2)

Over the weekend Dad won a bike race, the race features a dirt road section and the road was muddy so Dad like that(pic 3)

Monday I went to the zoo with grama and Mom. Our zoo is small but has all the animal you want to see(pic 4-7)

Yesterday I went to Little Gym, check back tomorrow as Little gym was full of activities and requires it's own post(pic 8)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Blue plate special

Friday we cruised out to the Blue Plate Diner for lunch.. Dad used to got to the Blue Plate a few times a week in the old days.. he also used to be a bit chubbier..
Anyway it's always tasty but you end up smelling like a Diner for the rest of the day... later MOm went to work, grama, Dad and I hung out and I got to taste my first Bell pepper..yum!