Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Birthday to me

Today is my Birthday! I'm One! I wasn't actually born till 6:59pm but I'm celebrating now anyway.

This week we've been baby sitting Baby Mia. Aunt Sarah drops her off and Uncle Cole picks her up.. Babies are cool.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm almost 1!

So I'm almost 1 year old, Friday is the official day but Saturday is the party.

If you didn't get your invitation then you weren't invited..just kidding, anyone can come if they bring a present.

My party will be so fun, we're going to play Ethan trivia, Ethan(bingo) and pin the tooth on the gums.

Food and beverages will be served, only my favorites though... bananas, breakfast sausage, mini waffles, hot dog slices and watered down apple juice...ya!

Grandma Goulet flew in for my 1 year party. Shes' going to do the baking of the cakes and cup cakes.

Since Grandma is in town we went to the Blue Plate Diner.. I like it there, cool stuff to look at and the Fries come in two sizes, steak and shoe string!

while we were there i drew a picture of a tree and Dad made me a watch.

Monday, August 24, 2009

City Creek Family ride.

The other day we went for a Family ride up City Creek Canyon. City Creek is a 6mile semi closed road, nice moderate climb that is flanked by a stream(city creek) so the ride is nice and cool.

MOm averaged 100watts for the 45minute climb.. thats a 5% improvement in power output compared to her Emigration #'s

On Saturday Dad and I joined up with some friends to watch the TofU race finish on Little Cottonwood. It was really fun to watch the racers go by.. we had a nice set up on the side of the road. We were helping the racers by handing of food and water and giving them encouragement.