Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dude's Weekend at the sandbox

Mom took a break from us this weekend and headed out for a "Moms weekend" in Park City
so we had "Dudes weekend"
Dad decided that we would build a sandbox so we went to Home Depot
we had some 2x4s left over from the old ramp so we picked up 400lbs of sand and headed home
I watched Dad build the box till it was nap time, when I woke up it was ready for me..
so much fun!

Dad thought it was time to educate me on Audi racing so we spent some time
watching group B rally footage on

Uncle JP came over to put the finishing touches on our gate. We needed a hole drilled in our driveway but Dad didn't have a masonry bit or a hammer drill...I had to check the hole depth to make sure it was up to spec.

Dad is still riding his big bike. Uncle Sean got a bike so Dad took him out for his first ride
they tried to find the moose trail but ended up on a wild moose chase
a 45min ride turned into a 4hr tour...a 4 hour tour
Dad said the views were nice though
and luckily he brought some food and water

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Faja's day!

In honor of fathers I've dressed in some outfits that Dad's dad got me
Grandpa Mike sometimes goes to the outfitters for fishing gear
and finds himself in the children's dept.

Last weekend we had a family photo shoot

with Devina Fear, Devina is practically a family friend, Mom has known her for years

It was a really cold day for june but we went to the park anyway

and pretended that is was warm out

Devina said we got some great pics, I'm excited to see them

Check out this cool train set Dad found for me on Ebay

It has Thomas the train and a bunch of his friends

I really like the trains but the track can be frustrating sometimes

Also last weekend, Aunt Jojo and Uncle Scott paid us a visit

Scott built a fence for us while Dad played foreman

now we have a nice working fence/gate that should deter the dogs from escaping...

you should have seen the joke of a fence we had before this

Dad had built it out of pvc webbing and pvc pipes