Monday, August 31, 2009

Birthday Party Post!

So what if this is the third post about my Birthday.. Its a big day for me.

Saturday was the official Part to celebrate my 1 year.

The Plan; Family and friends, Ethan games, Goulet burgers, fun for all!

Here are pictures from the day.. start to Finish.

Morning started with some nice clouds.
Pre-Party prep, Grandma slaved for days getting the house ready and baking tasty treats To be consistent with most 1st Birthdays, I decided to be sad and cry during Birthday song.

My guests song was pretty shocking, I did recover from my shock and decided to eat cake.

Then the gift giving began... my favorite part! Thanks to everyone who attended and blessed me with their presence.

After cake and song I was worn out..straight to bed, no bath.

My guest however started to really party, Bingo Ethan style was first up followed by Pin the Tooth On the Gums. I was told that MOm went to bed at 1am but Dad snuck off at 9:30.