Saturday, January 31, 2009

weeks worth of posts condenced

My little fingers were getting tired so i took a short break from posting. I've been on the move, last sunday we drove to St. George sort of... We were driving in a snow storm and it got so bad that Dad decided we should spend the night in Beaver,UT. Beaver is only an hour and a half from St. George but the roads were bad and due to the snow you could hardly see...Dad is an experienced snow driver and has even instructed people on technique at the a winter driving school, so if he says the roads are bad they really are.

So we stayed the night at the Motel 8 in Beaver, pretty cool, like a mini vacation. The following morning the roads were still snow packed but at least visibility was good. We made it to grandma's house in St. G, Dad dropped MOm and i off and after a few hours he pushed on to Las Vegas to work the Ski Industry Association trade show. Dad calls it work but from the looks of things its all friends and fancy dinners.

MOm and I hung around grandma and grandpa's house and visited with aunt JoJo.. on wednesday JoJo took MOm and I to Vegas for some shopping, Dad snuck out of the trade show and met us for lunch at the california pizza kitchen, he didn't eat though cause he's on some kind of crazy crash diet.

Finally Dad returned on Thursday evening from Vegas, Aunt JoJo came over to watch me while MOm and Dad went out to eat.. sometimes they like together time without me. Friday after Dad rode his bike and visited some St.G dealers, we hit the road for S.L.C., Its nice to be home, I feel comfortable hear and I sleep better.
So thats the week in a nut shell.. I have new skills and I've grown a bit so check back for more updates.