Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Uncle Jamal is back

Uncle Jamal surprised us with a visit, He wanted to clear his head so he jetted out of LA to spend a few days soaking up the good life in the promise land.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mall Crawl

Dad went out without me today, I guess Dad should have his fun too... even though MOm say he's always having his fun. Apparently group rides make guys tired and they sometimes lean against buildings for relief.

Since Dad was out on group ride for the day, MOm, Trish and I went for a Mall Crawl. We cruised the mall for a few hours then MOm dropped me off at home while she went out to Nordstrom Rack to score some deals

3 hour tour, a 3 hour tour

When Dad told me we were going for a 3hr chariot tour I had to pull this Gilligan face... Just kiddin, the camera still mesmerizes me so I make these crazy inquisitive faces.

Since Mom was going to some crazy auction with Trish, Dad dragged me out for a few hours. It was my nap time and I usually go down for a three hour nap anyway so this was perfect, I slept off 40 miles and Dad got tired legs.. that's a perfect example of killing two birds with one stone.