Saturday, January 5, 2013

Xmas Past

Christmas is a magical time, family and fun
Baked good, confections and ginger bread houses

Grandma Chris was in town just before Xmas and we had a great time
we made homemade play-doo and built a ginger bread house 
and had an early gift exchange

Christmas morning was busy
We woke and went straight to opening presents
then we dined on tasty croissants

After opening all my presents it was Dad's duty to assemble my Legos 
and various other toys, this took the better part of 3 hrs
then I proceeded to play with each one of them

Dr. Drill and Fill Play-Doo was a hit
man that guy has bad teeth

Legos, Tents, iPad games
the fun never ends

the best test of a new RC truck is to see how it goes in the snow

what is in the box?