Saturday, March 31, 2012

Out of winter Hibernation

As always it's been a while since dad last updated my blog. We've been hibernating most of the winter

but now

spring has sprung and we're out and about

So what did I do with my winter you ask?

well besides going to pre school 3 day a week, I've been...

Jumping into pillow piles off the couch
Eating Monster Truck Pancakes

Wearing hand made Peruvian hats

Holding Huge babies

Letting Mr. Simon sleep in the sunny spots, even on the counter

Going on road trips to St. George so dad can ride his bike

But mostly hanging with my friends day in and day out, cause in the end that is what being a kid is all about

I hope you all are out there living it up, stay tuned for spring madness posts!