Friday, January 9, 2009

I got some Ink

Just kidding, this is a pic of my Uncle Los's new Ink, it should look real nice when colored in.

I don't know if I've been real busy or if I'm just getting boring.. I haven't done any special activities, I go run errands or shop with MOm and at night Dad and I hang out. With the cold weather Dad's not dragging me out in the Chariot and He's not skiing as much this month.. I guess he's on some program and so skiing is minimized.. who knows.

G-ma Terri and Grampa Mike are coming to town on monday, should be a shocker for them, they live in Florida and probably haven't seen sub 40 temps in 15-20 years.

Dad is getting older on Sunday, 34 years old... that's old, Dad is 102 times older than me..crazy. Masters road racing generally starts at age 35 and everyone know that since Masters have money they have all the high-end gadgets they don't need... so in preparation for Dads oldness he got this new LOOK 596 funny bike...I think that makes 13 bike in the garage.. oh yeah and my tricycle.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dad hates the trainer

yesterday I hung with MOm at the house, it was snowy and cold so no need to go anywhere. Dad was out Merch-ing dealers and MOm was getting set to go to work, but the pipes burst at her work so MOm was called off. Since MOm was staying home Dad wasn't tethered to me, so he went out in a snow storm, at night, he says it cause he hates the trainer.

I guess he prefers this to stationary biking.

This is what we're up to this morning.. its another snowy day, our street is snow-packed.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Hanging with Dad

Yesterday MOm was off playing with her friend Trish so I was stuck with Dad. We listed some items on Ebay and searched for a replacement phone for Dad, his has a broken screen. Dad found a Techno-Brick in the local area so we went to look at it.. no sense in leaving the house just for one adventure, so Dad and I suited up for a post purchase ski. For some reason Dad thinks skiing and halloween go hand in hand, every time we ski he dresses me like a cow.

The Techno-Brick was to Dad's liking so we bought it. While leaving the apartment complex the phone salesman lived at We spotted a school of deer under a tree, right on the side of an apartment building. Its amazing that right on the outskirts of the city, behind a really tall fence, in the middle of a busy apartment complex deer are just hanging out for the day.

look under the tree

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Busy for a Baby

I've been pretty busy lately, I've been documenting my movements but my postings are a few days apart. I'm into some new things these days, Dr. Peter gave me to green light for solid foods, more like mush. I haven't got the swallowing part yet.. give me time. I like smiling, Dads been trying to capture my smiles and laughs for weeks but I'm camera shy... I know how to mug for a picture but when video is rolling I freeze. Its the chrome parts on the camera, they mesmerize me.

Mom's been working so Dad and I have been bonding. Last night we went to the end of the year part for the Utah Cyclocross series. Dad was recognized for having the best Utah Performance at Nationals, they gave him a loud cow bell. Also there was a video of Dad and other utah cross footage, I stole it from the web so you can get your fill of my chubby Dad in tights.

There were other funny moments like the Nascar/trailor trash costume contest.

Dad W/Bart&Teresa

The Pit Crew

Finalists- A-train & accessories VS. Eazy E & Double D

Player Shades