Friday, May 15, 2009

Pista Onesies

Dad made me some cool onesies, even though the Bianchi Pista is the most played out fixie it still made for a cool shirt.. thanks Dad

Fox and a Box

Happy belated Bday to Grampa Mike, his birthday was on the 12th.. I can't wait to Grampa again.. and he can't wait to see the Littlest MR.(simon)

Fox showed up the other day, he needed packing materials and to get to the P.O. by 6.. it was 5:45 when he showed up. Dad and I watched him pack up some items and then Fox took off on his scooter.

Uncle Mike Bell was in town, he stopped by for dinner an boccie.. soon he flys back to New Zealand where he is the coach for their national snowboard team.

MOm got me some cool teething biscuits.. now I can be just like my brothers

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mothers Day Brunch

Dad and I made MOm a nice card and picked some flowers from our neighbors yard.

in the afternoon had people over for brunch on mothers day. MOm made some tasty Prosciutto, egg, and spinach cups. There were fruit offering and pastries. Dad played Boccie ball and we all had a great time.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Dad gets Diaper Money at State Crit!

Saturday morning Dad and I went down to Pioneer park to pick up Dad's race # and watch Uncle Dave Cole race.

While we were down there I met Uncle Dave Harward and we watched the ladies Cat 1-2 race.

Aunt Tiff won the race and became state champion!
Dad wasn't racing till 3pm so we went home so i could nap. Dad went to his crit and MOm took me to aunt Amanda's on her way to work...Dad scooped me up after his race and we went home so I could have dinner and take a bath.

Dad's Crit
Saturday was the Utah State Championship Crit, the winner of each race would be the State Champ for their respective categories and have the bragging rights that go with it. Dad was racing the final race of the day, Cat 1-2, 90minutes of pain on a one block circuit with 50 guys. The speeds are high, Dad's average speed was 27mph for the hour and a half.
The race started with many different teams sending guys off the front of the race trying to establish a break, a break is a group of guys that ride off the front of the race. 20minutes into the race Dad put in a hard attack(at least that what he tells me).
Dad was off the front for a lap, this pulled a few strong guys out of the pack and soon Dad was in a ten man break.

It took a about 40 minutes but the break lapped the field, so now With 30minutes left all Dad had to worry about were the 10guys he was in the break with..everyone else was a lap down. This was great for Dad cause suddenly he had teammates to draft off and keep him out of the wind..Dads team rallied around him, leading him around the last 2laps, driving it as hard as they could, the idea was to keep the pace fast so that no other teams could attack.Coming into the last corner the group started sprinting, Dad gave it his all and came up with a fine 3rd place! Nice job Dad! thanks to FFKR for the great team work!( thanks to Steven for the pics)
Diaper Money!