Thursday, July 23, 2009

Posting Up

Here is the video of my new move, Dad calls it posting up.

Today Dad de-iced the freezer, he called it a win-win-win. We got more space in the freezer, I got cool ice chunks to suck on and we use the excess ice to cool the house!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

MOm gets a new ride

After returning the borrowed bike that MOm had been riding the writing was on the wall. MOm needed a road bike of her own. Lucky for us Dad works for a french company that produced really nice bikes.. and tiny ones at that.. so MOm got this 2010 LOOK 566.

yesterday was the maiden voyage for the 566, the bike was to Mom's liking and it makes her looks like a real pro....

.... Obviously we're happy about that!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

We are still alive

when the blog post disappear for a more than a week the grand parents get nervous.. the calls start coming in, "are you guys ok, is everything alright?" I don't field the calls of course, dad does.

I am at the mercy of my parents..they tell me when to sleep, how to eat and of course do my blogging for me.

July has been busy for Dad. Sales meetings and making up for missed time on the job has kept him from documenting my actions.. and MOm refuses to do my blogging... so anyway we're fine over here.

I've transitioned from slithering like a lizard to standing up using neighboring objects. I skipped the actual crawl as i prefer the ease of supporting myself on my belly(soon i will provide photos)

I eat everything, I'm not really picky.. and i take big boy baths now. No need for the tub within a tub.

Yesterday Dad cut my hair, he did a pretty good job.. at least its as good as the $6 haircuts he gets..soon I will post a picture of my new dew, you can kind of see it in this video of me eating Ice cream.