Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloweenie

Happy Halloweenie!
I'm excited to show off my costumes this weekend, even though MOm has been playing dress up with me for most of my life.
MOm got me a Ethanasourus Rex costume
Dad made me a USGP leader skin suit, so I can be him for halloween?
Grandma Goulet got me Pepper costume.

I guess Dad wants me to HTFU, the leader suit is not very warm and he expects me to wear it to the Cross race today.
Dad is racing at Wheeler Farms, its close so MOm and I will go cheer him on..sometime MOm doesn't cheer.
Wheeler also has animals and stuff, its a working replica of what people did before Whole Foods. Some of my friend are gonna meet us there.

Dad was off at the USGP in Kentucky last weekend. He won the saturday race and got 2nd on sunday... so he's still has the leaders jersey. In two weeks he'll be in New Jersey for the Mercier Cup.

I guess its not all serious at the USGP with Dad and his buddies