Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dance Dance, All I do is party

Sometimes I dance, just to mix things up.

Fox in our back yard

Yesterday when I awoke from my nap, Dad was out in the garage and MOm was ready to go to work. MOm brought me down from the crib and we went to tell Dad she was leaving. What did we see in the back yard? a stray Fox!

Chris Fox was poking around our garage looking for bike swap items. First he tried to take Mr. Simon, Dad convinced him to take some bike parts instead.. he gave us some diaper money.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bum Baby

My parents are grooming me for a life as a bum, check out my little union suit, it has become thread bare and my toes are hanging out.

Uncle Dustin stopped by to see me this morning, he's a helicopter pilot.. that's cool.

Monday, March 2, 2009


One of my new favorite things is the be weightless, free floating in the air. I guess I get that from my Dad. So Uncle Luke stopped by last night and shot this little video of me doing my favorite thing.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Emigration TTT new best time

Dad took me for a drag in the chariot today, we met up with a bunch of my uncles. Luke, Joel and Sean met us at the house, then we headed north to pick up Uncle Dave. We were planning on climbing Emigration canyon so I convinced Dad to try for a new best time on the way up.

The last time we did a Trailer Time Trial up Emigration Sean was along for the ride, Dad beat him to the top that day.

Sean thought that was bull s%#t. Dad says no man wants to get beat by another man, especially with a handicap(trailer)...Dad gave Sean fair warning that he would do his best to beat him to the top this time as well... Sure enough we put a minute into him on the upper slopes of Emi.

So our new best time is 33min 5sec...We trimmed 3 minute off our previous attempt...Dad was curious as to the weight of the Chariot so he put on the scale. Our combined weight, the trailer and I, 47lbs.. pretty sweet.

Ramp Test

Dad is helping his friend Dave get faster, so on Friday Dave came over for a Ramp Test. Dave rode his bike in place while Dad slowly increased the resistance. He kept making it harder and harder till dave cried...I guess that's how one gets fast.

MOm and I tried to have a photo shoot.. I kinda cooperated.

On Monday I have my first photo shoot as a baby model.. MOm has a friend who make baby slings. MOm and I are both so cute that she asked us to model for the catalog.