Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Resolution

For the new year I resolve to cry less.. Just kidding. I've been keeping pretty busy, on tuesday evening I went out with Dad and some friends to Mazza, we stopped by the Coffee Garden to kill some time while a table opened up.

On new years eve I had my second appointment with Dr. Peter, I weighed in at 14lbs and 25inches long.. I'm really growing.
I also got my second shots, I posted a video for those that enjoy watch a sad little guy(me). New year eve was pretty exciting, I had a romantic dinner with MOm and Dad. Dad burnt one of the sides but the dinner was still good.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Roofing, Thinking Caps and Himalayan food picture show

When we arrived in SLC on saturday evening our walk way was under a good 8inches of snow and access to our sidewalk was non-existent.. Good thing Dad knows what to do, Back the van right up to the front steps.
Dad had plenty of shoveling to do, our front and back areas, the neighbors are out of town so Dad did their sidewalks as well.. Dad say that's what neighbors are for.

The roof next door is still not done, check my post called "cat on a cold tin roof" that was like three weeks ago when they started the roof project.

Uncle Hemo dropped by yesterday morning, he wanted to poach our wireless connection. Then he took off to buy a snowboard he found on KSL.

I went skiing with Dad, shortly after our return Uncle Bob and Aunt Sicilia came and we went out to lunch, The Himalayan Cafe has a great buffet.. check it out.

I received alot of great presents from the family, soon I'll give thanks for those, check back soon for my X-mass presents picture show.