Saturday, October 18, 2008

Daddy time 2 electric boogaloo

Dad was pretty tired after his race so we didn't get into any mischief, we walked to the redbox and rented some movies. We talked with the next door neighbors and I drank some milks for dinner.

Dad said the race was to hot, 70+, he Blew up with 4 laps to go and limped to the finish, maybe it will be muddy next time Dad... we can't wait for Mom to get home.

Daddy day part 2

Yesterday Dad and i did alot of things, after Mom left we visited a shop, went to home depot, stopped by the scuba shop, the bike shop, saw Fox, went to Walgreen's and finally we got home for lunch. If that wasn't busy enough, Krafty came to visit then Ben came by. Between visits Dad prep his bikes for the weekend and set up my Chariot(I'll post a photo later). I guzzled a bottle and We set out on the maiden voyage of the Chariot, I love it, just as good as riding in the car but behind the bike. When Dad returns from today's race daddy time is on again, Mom will go off to work, when the cat is away the mice will play.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Mom goes to work

Mom is going back to work today, that means extended Daddy time for me..8 straight hours of daddy time. I'm looking forward to running some errands maybe tinkering with bikes and hopefully some nap time.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Just another manic wednesday

Actually today was pretty mellow, I got in my daddy fix this morning, Mom has been going to the gym again so I help dad with his accounts and emails in the morning. As you've seen I'll get in the front loader(ergo baby) and Dad and i will do work.
After Mom got back from the gym Dad hit the road to show his face at some accounts and run some errands. Mom and dad were out late last night(anniversary) so when dad got back from his southern loop we all caught 40 winks.
After our nap dad met up with his team mates to huff some glue(mount tubulars)we ever he mounts tubular it take at least 2hrs, Mom doesn't understand it but I think i get it... check out this pic of my swank Juicy Couture suit, I'm like the puff daddy of sugarhouse babies..Major player.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mom and Dad out on the town

It's Mom and Dad's 2 year anniversary today, they're going out to sushi while I stay home. Aunt Trish is going to come over and watch me for a while... stay tuned for an update on my trickery, Trish thinks I'm this great mellow guy, we'll see how she feels after a few hours of one on one time. here is a video to watch till the next post.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sunday Brunch

Mom and I went to aunt Missy's house for brunch, apparently brunch is an excuse to drink during the day. Mom dosn't really drink plus she's my designated driver, her friends on the other hand enjoyed somthing called a Mamosa and soon I was little more than a prop...It was nice to get out of the house though.

Aunt Callie and uncle Zac

Aunt Amanda

Aunt Trish

Aunt Missy

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weekend Socialite

After dad got home from racing de cross we went to an end of the year party for Dad's road racing team, FFKR/SBO..I know what you're thinking, FFKR is just abbreviated partner names of an architect firm..not a profanity. The party was at an airplane hanger and There were lots of kid, mostly older than me, we ate good food and I hung out with my uncle Aaron and his aircraft.
Check back later for an update on my sunday brunch adventure with Mom and her girlfriends.

Dad out of the dumps

Last weekend dad was pretty down about his racing, he showed up late to the races, he wasn't able to support his team mates and just didn't have his head in the game.. This weekend though he pulled it back together.
Dads whole team did great, Dayna got her first big win, Jennie out-sprinted a cat2 roadie to get 4th and Dave had his best finish in 2nd.

My dad had a good ride getting into a 5 man break, then doing work on the 5 guys to lead most of the race with one other guy. In the end the other guy had fatter legs than dad and put him in something called "the hurt locker", 2nd place is good for dad and makes me happy.