Saturday, March 21, 2009

America's Next top Baby model

A few weeks back MOm and I had a photo shoot forModMum baby slings", well we made the website... we're getting our fifteen minutes of fame, L.A. here i come America's next top baby model

Training with Power

Dad has been teaching me about training with power, he goes out and collects data on his Power Tap.. when he returns I get to analyze the data.

I guess you just plug the thing into ones mouth, I'll get it eventually

Friday, March 20, 2009

Female Wanted? Sugarhouse!

One of our neighbors is looking for a Female to share his newly remodeled 800sqr foot cottage, it's clean and has a nice 1600sqr foot yard.. If you don't mind sharing a bathroom with a man who can't spell and you don't need closet space... this just might be the ideal set up... and its in Sugarhouse!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Monkey Toes

Being a Baby I have a high degree of flexibility. Recently I discovered that I don't need a pacifier.. I have toes.

In fact anything you put near my face will cause my mouth to open, I'm happy to try anything Giraffes, Vegi straws, its all good as they say.

Uncle Daryl

Uncle Daryl has been in town, he and Dad work together..Really he gave Dad his job and tells him what to do.

Daryl or DP was one of the best Mountain bike pros back in the early 90's.. when Dad was winning races at 17, DP was winning World Cup races. Daryl doesn't race anymore but he's still fast as a lunatic on a meth powered rampage.

Now Uncle Daryl is a dedicated family man and one of the coolest uncles I have.