Wednesday, July 29, 2009

MOm gets wired for Power

MOm has gone full Pro, her bike now features a PowerTap computer. Dad thought it would be fun to monitor MOm's heart rate and power output, so he put the PowerTap on her bike and we set out for Little Mountain.
Here are the #'s
Distance- 20.55mi., Time-1hr51min., Avg. heart rate-150bpm
her#'s for Emigration canyon climb- Dist-7.7mi, 56min, avg watts-91, Avg hr-161bpm.
Anyway those are the #'s

In Me news- I like to eat black beans for dinner and turkey and watermelon, pretty much anything actually.

And I like to stand up against the fridge and pull off the magnets... that is all.

Monday, July 27, 2009

3 day weekends are Hella Cool

Friday was Pioneer day or Founders day or Pie and beer day... whatever you want to call it, some just call it the 24th of July.

The 24th is a big holiday here in Utah, bigger than the 4th. We have parades and fireworks.

90% of businesses are closed but since its not a federal holiday we can still receive mail and packages.

I like when the mail comes, often there are surprises for me... a nice new onesie came threw the mail slot on friday. Dad says that my new shirt is funny but only if you've been to bay area.

since I haven't been to the "bay" i don't get it, but I like it anyway..thanks Uncle Chas.

MOm's friends decided to have a BBQ to celebrate the 24th, so we went enjoy the company of friends and babies.