Monday, September 21, 2009

"Just know that I have a whole bag of shh with your name on it." - Dr. Evil

Well I guess Dad has finally seen fit to update my blog, I've been telling him for a week to stop focusing on himself and do something I want him to do.

I learned how to say Shhh, thats pretty cool.. its one of the things Dad tells the dogs all the time..and I'm close to saying Paolo, cause Dad is always yelling at Paolo to go to his bed during my dinner time.

I'm not walking yet but I'm getting into plenty of mischief.. Dad says I'm getting grabby. Anything I can reach I grab. MOm and Dad chase me around the house trying to put the place together while I pull it apart.

I don't think these guys can ever get this place Ethan proof as I am all seeing and of course all grabbing.

I had my first real paid baby sitter, I've had people watch me before but never hired hand. Lucy is my official sitter, don't try to get her contact info.. she is mine and I'm not willing to share.

Saturday we went for a family ride with some new friends from MOm's mom group. Christine and Drew came over with little Lance in tow and we rolled up Emigration Canyon.. Everyone that passed Dad and Drew comment on how tuff they were cause they were dragging us up the canyon. I can just barely fit into my new Giro Spree, cause my Dad is cool I get to rock the 2010 helmet has the new One Step fit system and flashing lights on the back...and construction vehicle graphics!
I want to start a Chariot racing club so all the dads can go head to head.. it should be a category for USA cycling... Imagine Sugarhouse Crit with Chariots!

Anyway, enjoy the meager update that Dad was willing to post for are some photos to make up for the thousands of word Dad should have written last week.