Friday, February 6, 2009

The Sickness

Its not good here, I'm feeling a bit congested and that makes me grumpy. Dad is so sick, he's been sweating through the sheets at night and coughing up crazy things..That make MOm practically a single parent since she doesn't want Dad anywhere near me... poor MOm, it was her 30th Bday on wednesday and it was fairly uneventfully.. she did get some nice gifts and flowers from Friends but Dad was to folded up to rise to the occasion, luckily the big celebration is actually on saturday. We're having a bunch of friends over for a sushi party to celebrate MOm. In other news, I've been eating mush twice a day now. I actually like it, I eat rice cereal with fruits for breakfast and for dinner before bed.

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Chicken

This is my new friend Chicken a.k.a. Mr. Rasmussen. He keeps me company and entertains me, He used to be real busy training in Mexico or the Italian Dolimitie but now he has alot of free time.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Beer Party

Last night we went to Uncle Dave's for a Beer tasting party. Uncle Luke Dad and I cruised over to Dave's to Taste his home brews.. Dave is quite a brewstress or brew master, He had probably ten different types of brew.. I had some formula but Dad, Dave and Luke tasted almost every flavor.. Dave was kind enough to feed us diner and then he fired up the hot tub so we could make man stew.. after an hour of soaking in the tub we went home.. I was tired and went to bed, MOm came home from work right about then so i got to see her before is went of to sleep.. another great day and a new experience had.