Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dad works the weekend

Today we're going to to Sugarhouse park to watch some bike racing. Uncle Dave and Sean are racing in the morning so we're going to watch them and pick up Dad's race #.. Dad has a 3day dash for cash ahead of him, The goal is for Dad to win as much money as possible. So i'm helping Dad get his stuff ready.

I got a new toy the other day... G-ma terri sent me a shape sorting set! pretty cool, thanks grandma.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Plate

Yesterday the fedex man deliverd me my own plate! pretty cool. It's got a picture of me and my name on it. when we were in st.G dad went for a hot pedal and we spent some time by the fountain in the back yard.. so here is the proof.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Pool Adventures!

Since it's 100+ degrees here in St.G. we decided to go to the pool. This is my first deep water experience, sure i take a bath every night but this is different. The water was pretty cold and I didn't really care for that.. otherwise it was pretty fun, we hit the hot tub and Uncle Scott entertained me with his weird sense of humors.

Throw back videos

Here are a few video Gigi-ma terri just uploaded, a few are from when grampa mike and terri visited us in january.. and a few are just to show how funny my grandpa is.. he has a unique sense of humors.. the hilarity is in the audio, listen close.

Dog torturings

Sunday, May 17, 2009

South for the weekend

We packed up in the Man's Van and headed to St. George for the weekend.. Dad needed to visit some accounts and since MOms parents live there, we get the double whammy, work and family time. It's always a crazy deal to pack up all my stuffs, all the dogs stuffs and Dad's work items.. not to mention MOm's bags and if Dad is lucky he can fit a few bikes and a change of under garments. To top it all off Dad likes to play work games. He'll say he needs to go to the bathroom or get a coffee, so we pull off the highway..MOm thinks were going to a gas station but instead we pull up to a bike shop.. Dad drops something off and we move on.. this generally make MOm sad and adds to our travel time..