Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Catch up Mega post

We really stretched Halloween out this year.
It started with a parade at my pre pre school on thursday...
yes I now go to pre pre school, its pretty cool. Just once a week
we make crafts and learn to share

Saturday we went to the Children's Discovery zone to see some ghouls
and practice our trick or treating

Sunday we went to Aunt Jacqui's for BoBo's birthday
more Halloween festivities

Big Boy Room
This weekend I got my big boy room all set up
we went to Ikea to pick out some items. One of shred kids(now grown up) that Dad coached met us there with his daughter Madeline
Madeline and I played around Ikea and then we all went out for Bar-B-Q

Mom and I painted a cubby for my room
Dad built my furniture and shot some pics of the dogs noses

oh ya...Dad is still riding his bikes but not racing
So now I have this cool big boy room for all my toys and my own bed...the dogs love it too as a secondary dogs lair