Saturday, December 26, 2009

X-mass has come and gone, just like that.

Who knows what happened to mid december.

Dad was traveling, racing his bike and going to sales meetings, then suddenly it was Xmass eve.

I woke early on Christmas day so did MOm and Dad. After a quick breakfast I started tearing into the presents under the tree.

Truth be told I've been getting into the presents for weeks, I like standing up on them and carrying them around. Anything that arrived unwrapped never made it under the tree, I've been playing with those toys for weeks.

I got some new winter clothes, naturally i wanted to try them out so we went to Liberty Park. We don't have a proper sled so Dad brought a snowler-board... he said it would be good enough for my first time.

In keeping with the true spirit of Christmas,
we had a group of stragglers over for dinner. Aunt Trish was the first to arrive followed
by Zach, Aunt Jocelyn, Trisha, Dustin and Missy.
We ate prime ribs and honey glazed hams among other things.
After dinner I had bath time and cruzed the house for a bit before going to bed.