Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving again!

ThanksGiving came around this week, we celebrated last week in St G. but had nothing better to do so we got together with Baby Mia and her family and some other stragglers to give thanks once again
It was fun cause Mia and Ara were there and uncle Cole's big dogs

On black friday Mom went shopping for some deals

Dad and I went to LakeTown Bicycles to entertain me and to drop off a bike with Dad's friend Phil...phil is going to do his first cross race.

we ate some bagels and watched Phil do some wheelies before going home for a nap

Saturday Mom had a work meeting and Dad took off to race his cross bike so I stayed home with a sitter

Sunday was real snowy, we woke to 4inches in the yard

so Dad and I shoveled, then we went to the was empty
we spent the rest of the day in the house watching movies and catching 40winks

Last night Dad shoveled another 4inches and another 4inches this morning

so we're getting some good snows