Sunday, October 18, 2009

Big Week!

Plenty of goings on this week... My Uncle Brad and Aunt Amy came to town with my new friend Tosh, it was MOm and Dad's anniversary and Dad beat his arch nemesis...Uncle Bart.

Since the Alberts were in town we spent most of the "Anniversary" day with them, then Brad and Amy were nice enough to little man sit me while MOm and Dad went out for a romantic dinner.

MOm and Dad bough each other the same card?!

Last weekend Dad won the local cross race,
My Dad says this is kind of a big deal cause Bart hasn't been beat since before I was born.. and Dad was the last one to do it. He says I should be proud, so i guess i'll have to be.

Friday Mom took off for a "girls retreat" in San Diego.. So it been boys weekend here...except yesterday when I had a baby sitter so Dad could race. And Dad blew it too, Dad got second to Not Bart and missed out on $100 diaper money! Get the whole story here.

Lately I've been into Stacking things and using my walker.

MOm doesn't come home till Monday.. wish me luck