Sunday, June 13, 2010

Grand parents and Thomas come to town

Thomas the train was visiting Heber for Memorial weekend
so we decided to go see him
Grandma and Grandpa came up front St. George and we made a family weekend of it

Thomas moved real slow, Dad said he could run faster
either way I loved it!
After a big day of riding trains I needed to refuel ...with surf and turf

Recently I slipped off the toilet and caught my face on an unprotected bolt
don't worry
as you can see I still have my eye and I'm almost healed up already

Over the last few weekends Builder Dad has given way to Demolition Dad and then Yard Core Dad
Dad tore down a skateboard ramp that was in the back yard
trimmed the trees front and back, turned on the sprinklers

and got the swamp cooler going....
Dad got a new bike though, I'm afraid we may lose Productive Dad to
Downhill Dad