Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy birthday to Paolo and Happy Easter!

Dad sAys ApRil sh0wErs briNgs mAy fLowErs s0 wHat dOes sNow bRing? We'Ve haD sNow 3tiMes thIs wEek alL tHe coLd anD sn0w hAs beEn kEePing me ind0oRs, I'm mAkiNg tHe beSt of it th0uGh. I'Ve coMe up wITh a fEw waYs to enTeRtain mYself, bIke boXes, haNd wasHing, puShing st0ols, visITors, meGa bloCks theSe arE feW of my fAvoriTe thiNgs

WedNesday wAs Paolo's birtHday, we gaVe him eXTra hugs aNd l0ve,
yesTerdAy Dad to0k me to a biKe race oUt in tHe stiCks
I g0t to sEe this coOl tRactor
we'rE haviNg friEnds oVer for Easter bruNch, so chEck baCk in a m0nth aNd seE if
Dad updAtes my bLog.