Thursday, December 31, 2009

Everything is Fun!

YesteRday I helped Dad shoVel the walk
It just mAKes sense to go out side now that I have a coat for eVeryDay of the week

SOmething else that is pretty fun, wearing glasses
EspeCially Dad's cause things get rEaLly close

Monday, December 28, 2009

The days after and Dad's Nationals recap

With all the cool toys I recieved for Xmass I hardly even think about stacking the spices or sorting the recycling.
here are a few videos and pics of me playing with some of my favorite toys
the Fridge DJ, Mega Blocks and my Tonka fire house.

So its been a few weeks since Dad raced Cyclocross Nationals in Bend, Or.
It didn't go how Dad hoped, he wanted to win of course.. he did get third and that is really good.

Dad says the article in Velo News brought alot of attention to the 35+ race, which ended up being one of the most dramatic races of the can read about it here and the live coverage here, scroll down to 2:13 time stamp.

Finally just a few video clips that will help you understand the scene at Nationals...thousands of spectators!
Dad leading into the stairs
Dad second wheel

Saturday, December 26, 2009

X-mass has come and gone, just like that.

Who knows what happened to mid december.

Dad was traveling, racing his bike and going to sales meetings, then suddenly it was Xmass eve.

I woke early on Christmas day so did MOm and Dad. After a quick breakfast I started tearing into the presents under the tree.

Truth be told I've been getting into the presents for weeks, I like standing up on them and carrying them around. Anything that arrived unwrapped never made it under the tree, I've been playing with those toys for weeks.

I got some new winter clothes, naturally i wanted to try them out so we went to Liberty Park. We don't have a proper sled so Dad brought a snowler-board... he said it would be good enough for my first time.

In keeping with the true spirit of Christmas,
we had a group of stragglers over for dinner. Aunt Trish was the first to arrive followed
by Zach, Aunt Jocelyn, Trisha, Dustin and Missy.
We ate prime ribs and honey glazed hams among other things.
After dinner I had bath time and cruzed the house for a bit before going to bed.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas tree 0 christmas tree

Christmas is here, Dad let us get a tree this year.
Saturday night after Dads bike race we went to the tree store for a Douglas fur.
MOm picked out a nice one, we got it trimmed up and took it home.
not sure what is up with Dad's face in these pics

Then we had to rush Dad to the airport so he could race his bike some Portland.

Dad wrapped up the Utah series with a Win and 2nd overall in the series, then in Portland he won the final day of the USGP, putting an exclamation point on his series overall win.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dad hits the big time while I live thug life!

Dad got some big time exposure today, In Velo News. Its the premier magazine for US cycling.
pretty nice write up from what Dad tells me.
I'm really into my tricycle these days. I ride it everywhere I can.
It was cold out yesterday so Dad made me some thumb-less mittens..
out of my socks..the guys at the bike shop said I looked like a burn victim.

You may be wondering if I'm walking yet, yes and no. I wobble around a good bit,

sometimes I revert to crawling, especially when I get tired

Snack time is sometimes fun time, as these videos show.

I'm into sharing,..with the dogs.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanks has been Given, Dad Wins USGP series! and Utah State Championship

It seems that winter is here, I've had snow in my backyard for a week now.
Dad and I are still getting out for rides though, sometimes in the Chariot but I prefer riding my own tricycle.
It is still Dad powered but at least I'm more involved in the riding of it.

Dad is going out of town again this weekend, this time to Portland, OR. for the final round of the US Grand Prix of Cyclocross. In New Jersey Dad scored enough points to win the series, Now he just needs to show his face on the final day to represent the jersey.Dad also became Utah State Championship a week ago.. this is his first state championship, he says we should be I guess we will be.

Cyclocross from M.C. Preman on Vimeo.

Thanksgiving was fun..
MOm thought it was going to be like this...

Instead we had friends over...Dad calls them stragglers, for a full family style meal.

Friday, November 13, 2009

better late than never

We took Dad to the airport today,

He's headed to New Jersey to defend his USGP leaders jersey.

So its just MOm and me for the weekend.

Last weekend was another double race weekend for Dad,

so we were mostly alone again, Dad did win us some

Diaper Money though so we'll let the double weekend slide.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Boo to Double Cross weekends

We were at Wheeler Farms all weekend.
Dad had 2 cross races this weekend so we decided to attend..usually they are kind of far so MOm and I don't bother. The weather was really nice so we met up with Asher and his mom Lizzy on saturday and Mia and her mom Sarah on sunday.

Dad had a good weekend, Uncle Bart took a beating on Saturday and then handed it back to Dad on Sunday.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloweenie

Happy Halloweenie!
I'm excited to show off my costumes this weekend, even though MOm has been playing dress up with me for most of my life.
MOm got me a Ethanasourus Rex costume
Dad made me a USGP leader skin suit, so I can be him for halloween?
Grandma Goulet got me Pepper costume.

I guess Dad wants me to HTFU, the leader suit is not very warm and he expects me to wear it to the Cross race today.
Dad is racing at Wheeler Farms, its close so MOm and I will go cheer him on..sometime MOm doesn't cheer.
Wheeler also has animals and stuff, its a working replica of what people did before Whole Foods. Some of my friend are gonna meet us there.

Dad was off at the USGP in Kentucky last weekend. He won the saturday race and got 2nd on sunday... so he's still has the leaders jersey. In two weeks he'll be in New Jersey for the Mercier Cup.

I guess its not all serious at the USGP with Dad and his buddies

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Big Week!

Plenty of goings on this week... My Uncle Brad and Aunt Amy came to town with my new friend Tosh, it was MOm and Dad's anniversary and Dad beat his arch nemesis...Uncle Bart.

Since the Alberts were in town we spent most of the "Anniversary" day with them, then Brad and Amy were nice enough to little man sit me while MOm and Dad went out for a romantic dinner.

MOm and Dad bough each other the same card?!

Last weekend Dad won the local cross race,
My Dad says this is kind of a big deal cause Bart hasn't been beat since before I was born.. and Dad was the last one to do it. He says I should be proud, so i guess i'll have to be.

Friday Mom took off for a "girls retreat" in San Diego.. So it been boys weekend here...except yesterday when I had a baby sitter so Dad could race. And Dad blew it too, Dad got second to Not Bart and missed out on $100 diaper money! Get the whole story here.

Lately I've been into Stacking things and using my walker.

MOm doesn't come home till Monday.. wish me luck

Friday, October 9, 2009

Finally Dad is on top of things!

Its been quite a while since my last post but finally Dad is on top of things. It been a busy month for Dad and that makes for minimal post to my blog.
In August MOm and I agreed that Dad should satisfy his quarter life crisis by racing the USGP of Cyclocross.
This is asking alot of us because the series is 8 races over 4 weekends and calls for Dad to travel across the country. His first journey included a trade show in Vegas so he left us for 6days!
Dad did us proud though and won the first 2 races and now has the Men 35+ points leaders jersey!..only 6 race left!

One of Dads good friends from the "old snowboard days" was nice enough to pick him up at the airport and provide him a car and shelter for the weekend.. thanks Girardi family!

While Dad was gone MOm took my party hopping, one saturday we went to 4 birthday partys..

thats cool.
Now that Dad is back things are almost normal, I've been cruising with him to visit friends and recently I got to cruise the sidewalk out side of Uncle Daves house.

After "training" Dad has his bottle of recovery drink.. I think that cool, so I want on one too.. if he doesn't let me hold his big boy bottle I throw a fit.