Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring has Sprung

It hAs beEn a wHile sincE my laSt post, like aLways
I've hAd many adVentUres in tHat timE

G-mA Terri came to viSit us, thaT was cOol. We weNt to the parK alot and evEn attemPted to go oUt to eAt... I deCided to thr0w a fit cauSe I found a worm iN my sOy bEans.

Uncle Jon Klamer was iN toWn for a hi5..tHe L in his naMe mAkes an R souNd..
unless yOu're in Japan..
he's pRetty fuN.

Last wEek we weNt south to see tHe GranDParents and aUnt JoJo
While I was thEre I took in a biKe race, did sOme groceRy shoPping
and crUised the Home Depot.. loTs of coOl stuFf to see tHere

I aLso madE a joUrney to Red Robin
sOme botTomleSs friEs Kluckers

Now we'Re back homE, ya! At home I'm runNing aroUnd doing the uSual
erRands wiTh MOm, parK time triCycle timE ect...
Oh aNd I'm reAlly in tO my BlaNky thEse daYs as wEll