Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mega Blocks and Mega Visits

How about those Saints?
I watched my first Super Bowl last week
When Dad told me about it, it thought it might be cereal related. MOm and Dad don't really know anything about football, they watch for the commercials.
anyway, the Saint are our team now...so yea! we won the Super Bowl!

Uncle J1 from Wisconsin visited me by way of Colorado.
Dad stayed with J1 and his family during the first round of the USGP in september. Now we're returning the favor...host housing.

Lately I really like blue berries, I eat a pint a day I can't get enough of them, Dad loads up my snack trap so I can cruise with them and not have to fight off the dogs.

I have a healthy Mega Blocks collection
I can barely keep them all in one container...probably cause I have two containers worth.
I like to build the blocks real high and then topple them down...preferably on the Winnie