Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Welcome back to 2010

Dad deciDed to taKe january off from blogging but FebruaRy is herE now so I'm bacK!

Over the lAst month wE've had visiTors, dinner parTies and BirThdays..
lots of fun!

Uncle Blotto was in toWn for a wHile and would sTop by to play Mega blocks.

MOm, Dad and I went to tHe Aquarium, it used tO be a Pep Boys or a grocery sTore,

Octopus on IsLe 9..I had soMe fun and got tO see some sea horse, jelly fish and touCh a stingray.

I hAd a cool ZhuZhu pet that graNdma T had given me, Winnie thought is was cool too... so he killed.