Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dad is loosing his cool

Another saturday brings another race day for Dad, I guess he started out leading the race but soon had a flat tire. He spent the rest of the hour race trying to catch up with whom ever he could. I wasn't there but Mom said we might go watch him next weekend cause the race is close to the house. Even though Dad is gone most of the day we get to spend all evening together, Mom went to work so extended Daddy time is mine... Here is a cool video of me when I get tired, Dad call it "geaking" cause I don't seem to know what to do with myself, I'm to tired to sleep and i get frustrated.. take a look.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Dad is cool again

My Dad is featured on Church of the Big Ring, check my blog list to the left or cut and paste

Halloween is not fun

Today Mom and Dad took me to a spooky cave, two trolls came in dressed in fall colors... they proceeded to stick my with needles, Halloween is not fun.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cyclocross practice

This evening Mom wanted to go to the gym and Dad was going to cross practice so i loaded up in my chariot and let Dad be my horse. It was a chilly evening but i had my down sleeping bag to keep me warm.. I slept off a milk hangover like a bum in the park, under a tree, mean while Dad ran some barriers and talked with friends. Once the sun started to set we turned on our blinking lights and headed home.
When we got home I was hungry and Mom was off enjoy some her time so Dad prepped me a formula bottle... yum.. then I made a poop for Dad, I think its the first one he's seen in a week.

Wienie in a bag

This is why the the Wienie is bad, he's always doing bad...trying to get more food than he deserves. One time he got into a full food bag and ate till he couldn't move.. Bad Wienie

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ghost poop

This is one of my poop faces, lately I just make ghost poops though. Mommy will hand me off to Dad saying that I pooped and that she felt me fill a diaper.. when Dad goes to change me though, the diaper is empty... spooky.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fox wears 2 pair of shorts

Dad went for his ride, its 50 degrees and windy in SLC. Dad told me Fox is the only guy he knows who wears 2 pair of shorts when its cold.. and leg warmers, no hat! he does scooter tricks though.. Fox was one of the first Uncles to visit me when i came home from the hospital, I believe when he first laid eyes on me he said "oh F#@k".

So Dad and Fox Ride Emi canyon. Last week he did it twice, once in 22.5 min. and the second time in 23, He uses the scooter to cheat. Dad only did it once today.. the cold must make him lazy.

Talking with my Rain forest friends

Daddy is off to work early today, Mom and are going to have breakfast together and then organize my clothes.. i have many outfits. Later Dad is going to meet up with Fox a.k.a primetime. Dad likes to chase Fox, Fox rides a scooter though, i think Dad is crazy but this is what he likes, they're friends. This morning i had a chad with Red frog, monkey and toucan.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Bono Weenie

These are my brothers(dogs)they like to be with me, not in the biblical sense but just in a snuggling way

Bono Weenie a.k.a winston, a.k.a mista weenie. Winston is better know for his mischief than his philanthropy.

Mr. Simon a.k.a The Mr., a.k.a little mr., a.k.a Mr. sizzles. Mr. simon is the only well behaved dog of the pack.

Paolo a.k.a Bear, a.k.a Mr. Bear, a.k.a Lolo bear, a.k.a bearenstien bear. Paolo doesn't enjoy company and mostly like to burro under covers all day.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blue Plate

Mom and Dad took me to the Blue Plate for brunch.. I like ambient noise so i slept through the adventure.

Dad's Race picture blog

Here are some snaps of Dad and his friends from yesterdays race, All photos used without the permission of Forest Gladding and Fox.

Kris P. led the first lap

Dad used this move to get to the front group

Uncle Bart the Beagle leads lap 2

Bart the Beagle Used this move to get the gap on Kris P. for the win.