Thursday, April 2, 2009

Working with Dad a.k.a Tricked

yesterday was filled with activities, that's always how it is when grama is in town.

Dad did an airport run for the Price family(dana,DP,ryder,payton), shipped them off to Hawaii. Then he needed to drop of a display in Park City so we decided to make it a lunch adventure.
We all went to PC and had lunch at Windy Ridge cafe..after lunch Dad delivered a display to White pine Touring, this is where the tricks started.
first it was" i just need to pop into Cole sport, then "I should check the PC mail box while we're here"
On the way back into salt lake it was "I'm just going to deliver these hub bodies to Spin Cycle real quick"
We did squeeze in some fun though, in Holladay we stopped at So Cup Cakes for an afternoon pick me up.. Yum!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Grandma from the East Side

Grama Goulet showed up this morning, apparently she came in the night like Santa Claus but not down the chimney.. she arrive by flying tube..just like how Dad got to denver last wednesday.

I showed grama my two teeths, and now I'm showing them to the interweb.. it makes me smile.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Lose 6lbs this week!

Dad is on a Forze gps diet this week*, Forze is a bar made by the nutrition company that Dad reps. Dad has his own crazy Forze crash diet.. Coffee, Forze as needed and nutritious salad for dinner, He eats half a Forze bar whenever he get hungry.. then for dinner he has a big salad full of vegis and a chicken.

his thought process is it takes the same will power to cut alot or a few calories, so he goes hard at it and gets the pound off.
Say what you like about Dads madness, he knows what he's doing... or so he says..

*this diet is not recommended by PHLI or Forze

Why loose weight? race season is here and Dad wants to maximize his power to weight ratio.

(pic 2) Dad's team having a meeting before going full NASCAR on the oval at Rocky Mountain Raceway

Working with Dad

This weekend I had many activities, I tagged along with Dad and we did some work and some play.

(pic 1)Friday we went to Fishers to work on a bike, I got to hang with Uncle Weeks.

(pic 2)Saturday we cruised to Cottonwood Cyclery to set up their helmet wall.

(pic 3&4)I met my Uncle Dave for dinner at Settebello, we had authentic italian pizza pie.

Sunday was family day so MOm, Dad and I went to brunch at Trio.. no pictures taken