Saturday, September 12, 2009

Another weeks worth of post?!

Seems like Dad is to busy these day to help me with my blog and MOm has always refused to update my blog, so....the blog has been reduced to weekly posts?!
This week has really flown by with Monday being a holiday. Grandma went home late tuesday night, I had to wake up at 10pm and drive with her and Dad to the airport..tough love, tougher for Grandma though..I'm not sure what a "red eye"is but Dad says its not fun.
Before Grandma left we were going to the park a bunch... here are some snaps from our adventures.

Most of the time I'm not at the Park, I'm at home. One would think with all the cool toy i have that I would just play and play with them all the time....truth is my favorite thing is to cruise the house.

I like to play with the recycling, load the dishwasher and of course try to get into the trash zone...I'm usually hanging with the dogs or looking to see what they're up to.

Monday, September 7, 2009

A weeks worth of posts in picture form

Time really flys these days. Its already been a week since my last post and I've had so many adventures.
I think it was monday that Grandma, Dad and I went for a walk up mammary grove and around City Creek.

On Tuesday MOm, Grandma and I went to Thanks Giving Point to see some botanical garden.. I'm not overly amused by plants. There were some fish to look at and I generally like adventures as long as my diaper is clean and I'm not sleepy.

Later in the week we got on bikes for a Parade of Yards in our neighborhood. MOm wants to land scrape the font yard so we toured the neighbors yards to see who does it right and what not to do.

There are some interesting yards in our general area. One of our neighbors must be a landscape artist/handy man cause his yard is like a example of every technique he is capable of. Look closely at his yard its weird.
Another neighbor gives away fruit and Vegis, just don't take his table. On our journey we noticed this cool car, then we decided to get a coffee at the Coffee Garden with the hipsters.